zbrush Fundamentals 全面易学易懂基础教程

zbrush Fundamentals 全面易学易懂基础教程

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  Welcome to 3D Buzz's ZBrush 4 Fundamentals video training series. In this series we take a look at the world's most popular high-resolution sculpting application, showing you what you need to know to become a ZBrush master!

Please note that this video set has been developed as a Member Sponsor exclusive series. However, as a special thank you to all of you who help make our community one of the most helpful and enjoyable in the world, we're releasing the first section of videos not only for free, but for you to download and keep as well! However, please understand that at some point, the newer videos of the series will no longer be publicly available. At that time, all new videos will be offered via streaming access only, and will be accessible only be Member Sponsors.