Digital Tutors在Maya中设置数位板

Digital Tutors在Maya中设置数位板

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简介: Whether you are a 2D or a 3D artist, it is a good possibility that the tablet is a critical piece of hardware in your daily work. However, when it comes to working in Maya, your first inclination may be to put your pen down, and go back to working with your mouse and keyboard. However, this series of tutorials will help you set up the features of your Wacom tablet in a way that is specific to Maya, allowing you to keep your tablet in front of you at all times, and using your tablet to it's full potential.    We will learn how your tablet's grip pen, the express keys, the touch strips, and radial menus can all be customized to create a much more intuitive Maya experience. We will conclude this course by exploring some of the tools in Maya that can actually take advantage of the pressure-sensitive nature of our tablet.