NUK218 Nuke3D模型和动画合成(fxphd出品)

NUK218 Nuke3D模型和动画合成(fxphd出品)

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简介:  This course will teach you exactly what you need to know to effectively use 3D geometry and modeling techniques in your compositing workflow, without having to learn all the intricacies of a software package like Maya. In other words, you’ll learn only the good bits. We’ll cover everything from UV unwrapping to the basic subdivision surface modeling and image based lighting techniques. Over the last few years VFX compositing has been on a collision course with 3D lighting and rendering. The lines between the traditional roles of compositor and 3D TD have blurred dramatically. Now with developments like RenderMan rendering inside of Nuke and the Foundry’s acquisition of Katana, compositors can no longer afford to ignore 3D as part of their toolset. Damian Allen is well known in the visual effects industry as a leading technique and technology consultant. He has authored several books on the subject of visual effects and lectures and trains studios around the world on compositing theory. In addition to consulting, Allen works as a visual effects supervisor and compositor on major Hollywood films and broadcast projects. Professor: Damian Allen