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简介: cmiVFX releases a new, rock solid, Luxology Modo training video that covers the principles of Re-Topology. While the phrase "retopo" is used as a verb in most studios already, there are only a few successfully created tools that allow for true retopo with limited amounts of redundant labor often found in those "fly by night" 3rd party apps found online. When it comes to converting your geometry, you want the best possible solution with the most consistent results. cmiVFX has been involved with writing our own retopo apps through out the years, but we feel that this video demonstrates a superior method of keeping highly detailed topology found in your ZBrush or Mudbox mesh exports. Now that Luxology has merged up with TheFoundry, it would be a good time to start learning the Modo Workflow. Now you can learn how to do it in just a few hours, thanks to the excellent work from our very own, Wes McDermott. Short Description Learn how to take detailed meshes with high density points and reduce them to manageable source meshes for the animation pipeline. NOTICE TO VIEWERS: (General 3D Modeling Knowledge would be helpful but not required to watch this video)