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 In this series of After Effects tutorials, we will talk about the steps we take to create an animated tablet commercial while learning tips and concepts you can use in your own projects. We'll start by discussing the thinking behind what shapes and animation types we will use in the process, and establish that none of these decisions are arbitrary or based on something just looking cool. There is a reason behind all of the choices we make as we progress through the project.

We also talk about using masks and custom alphas and when we would use one over the other. You'll learn a lot of tips for speeding up your workflows when creating a project that has lots of similar elements. This training is full of workflows for not only quickly creating complex shape animations, but also covers how to approach the thinking behind what shapes to use when you want to create something that is abstract.

By the end of this tutorial, you will not only have created your very own animated tablet commercial, but also picked up the skills and thought process you will need to implement the next time you want to tackle a project that uses abstract imagery and animation.


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