modo毛皮的交互使用(Digital Tutors出品)

modo毛皮的交互使用(Digital Tutors出品)

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简介: In this series of lessons, we'll learn how Fur can be used to create a number of effects that may not be completely apparent at first. Throughout this course, we'll explore some of those uses like using fur to great different types of grass for your scene. We'll also create tendrils and spines by altering some of our fur material settings. We'll build an energy burst or fireworks explosion using fur and we'll also build a nice thick carpet for our interior scenes. In addition, we'll look at how we can utilize the built in uvs created for the fur to map images onto them, creating sprites that we can use for trees, bushes, or any number of applications. Finally, we'll use fur to add some feathers to a bird character, complete with color and transparency maps. By looking at some of the alternate uses for fur, hopefully you'll get some new ideas of how you can integrate fur creatively into your workflow.