Digital Tutors创意开发系列Maya中V-Ray灯光和渲染教程

Digital Tutors创意开发系列Maya中V-Ray灯光和渲染教程

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简介: In this tutorial we will learn about simple lighting and shading techniques using V-Ray For Maya. Throughout the tutorial, we look on how to light a scene using simple techniques, just by adding those lights in key areas that will add more depth and also help tell a story. We will start by setting up the scene and looking at the different ways we can subdivide the meshes to save a lot of render time and at the same time keep our meshes clean. Along the way, we will look at different technique to create realistic shaders using simple materials and also using some shader networks we will be able to create some complex shaders for our robots. By the end of this training you will have a knowledge on how to light and shade a scene using V-Ray for Maya.