DT创意开发系列123D Catch和3ds Max照片转换成3D模型

DT创意开发系列123D Catch和3ds Max照片转换成3D模型

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简介: In this tutorial we will learn how to create a highly-detailed reproduction of an object, starting from a simple scan created with your own camera. We will start shooting several images of a shoe and we'll load those images into 123D Catch, which will compute those images (using a cloud computing system) and creates a complete scanned model of the shoe in a few minutes. After that, we'll remodel the entire shoe starting from the scanned model. We will be using a combination of TopoGun for the base modeling part, and 3ds Max for the creation of the complete model and all the different pieces of the shoe.Later on we'll go into Mudbox where we'll project the scanned details on top of the new clean mesh and use those details as guide reference. we'll proceed with the final parts of the tutorial in ZBrush adding all the fine details such as wrinkles, stitches, logos and more.