Photoshop制作3D Logo动画

Photoshop制作3D Logo动画

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简介: In today’s digital world, to think about a logo only in terms of it’s usage in print is a huge mistake. A logo appears in so many different places, most of which are digital in nature. We’ll get started by learning how to take our vector logo and convert it into extruded 3D objects in Photoshop. To improve it’s visual aesthetic in 3D space, we’ll also learn about things like materials and textures followed by lighting. Next, we will drop our 3D logo onto Photoshop’s timeline and create a simple animation for it. To wrap things up, we’ll learn how to export our final rendered video out of Photoshop. After completing this tutorial, you’ll be familiar with the tools and techniques used to create a stunning logo animation all right inside of Photoshop.