CINEMA 4D制作跑步循环动画

CINEMA 4D制作跑步循环动画

学习人数:4,467 | 学员评分:7.0分 | | 收藏

讲师:TTgun软件:CINEMA 4D




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行业: 游戏制作  动画制作 课时:0 课时(已完结) 获赞:1个
软件: CINEMA 4D   时长:0 学习人数:4,467
主题: 三维动画   标签: 跑步动画  循环动画 总收藏人数:30

In this CINEMA 4D training we will learn how to use CINEMA 4D's animation tools to create a convincing run cycle.

We'll start by taking a look at our rig and figuring out a rotation order that would work best for our needs. We'll then jump right in an start blocking in the run: adding extremes and breakdowns. Once this step is finished, we'll begin polishing the animation, which includes refining arcs, achieving realistic weight, as well as solidifying each pose. We'll also learn how to mirror animation to work faster, as well as how to translate the run forward.

In the end, you'll not only learn how to animate a run cycle, but you'll learn techniques that can be used to improve the quality of your animations.

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