DT创意开发系列在After Effects里制作瞬间传送效果

DT创意开发系列在After Effects里制作瞬间传送效果

学习人数:5,284 | 学员评分:7.1分 | | 收藏

讲师:TTgun软件:After Effects


主题:概念设计 特效制作


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软件: After Effects   时长:0 学习人数:5,284
主题: 概念设计  特效制作 标签: After Effects  瞬间传送 总收藏人数:38

 In this series of After Effects tutorials we will create a science-fiction inspired teleporter effect.


We will begin with some character animation that has been matchmoved to a background plate. Then, using some basic dynamics tools and some creative re-purposing of other elements in After Effects' tool box, create a swirling portal of energy through which our character will take form.


We'll create holographic effects, particle effects, and distortion fields, and finish up the training with some color correction and camera shake.


By the end of the After Effects training you'll have the confidence to approach any project with the knowledge that no effect is out of your reach, if you're willing to experiment a little!

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