Digital Tutors专业系列3ds Max制作游戏用汤姆枪

Digital Tutors专业系列3ds Max制作游戏用汤姆枪

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In this series of tutorials we take a look on process of creating a gun for use in a game engine like UDK, Unity, or CryEngine.

We go through this process bit by bit starting off by creating a high poly version of the gun using subdivision techniques. The next step will be creating a low-poly version. When this is finished we will take a look how to unwrap elements in order to create the UV Layout. Then we move on to baking ambient occlusion and normals maps. We use Render To Texture dialog in 3ds Max to accomplish this.

After we finish it we'll move over to Photoshop and start to create a diffuse map as well as a specular map. Lastly we'll check our results in Marmoset Toolbag.