Photoshop快速绘画概念环境(Digital Tutors出品)

Photoshop快速绘画概念环境(Digital Tutors出品)


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简介: When it comes to creating concept art for environments, the process doesn’t have to be a slow methodical one. In fact, when we do something as simple as setting a time limit for ourselves, something truly magical can happen.  Not only can we free ourselves of the burden having to create the perfect finished image in one attempt but we can also amass are large number of potential options very quickly. We will also learn that if an idea just isn’t panning out, we can quickly set it aside and move on without wasting time trying to make it work.  While we will be focusing on speed and staying loose early in this course, we will also learn some valuable techniques along the way for both breaking down our image as well as painting it.  To wrap up this training, we will slow our pace considerably and learn that detail and polish should be saved for the very end of a speed painting.  After completing this series of lessons, you will have learned more than just some tips and tricks for painting a pretty image. You will have learned that speed painting is as much a frame of mind as it is a way to work.


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