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简介: For a graphic designer, there is a distinct difference between vector and raster images or artwork. To avoid sticky situations with printers and clients, its extremely important to know how and where each can or should be used.  Illustrator has been able to convert raster images into vectors for several versions now but with Illustrator CS6, this tool set has been overhauled and is a pure joy to use. In this course we will begin by exploring the new Image Trace features in detail. From here we’ll focus on different scenarios where we might need to utilize Image Trace and how we can be more effective in doing so.  From photographs to logos and even for sketches and illustrations, Image Trace inside of Illustrator makes short work of converting even the most complex of raster images into vector art.  After completing this course, you will know these tools inside and out and will have some great ideas on how to apply them to your own projects.