Mudbox2012雕刻工作流(Digital Tutors出品)

Mudbox2012雕刻工作流(Digital Tutors出品)

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In this series of lessons we will cover all of the different sculpting tools in Mudbox and talk about some workflow tips to keep in mind as you sculpt. Within Mudbox, there is a wide range of sculpting tools that allows artists to create many different effects. Some of these tools are more commonly used so they are well covered in many of our Mudbox courses, but all of them serve a purpose and can be an important part of your artist's toolbox. In this course we will cover all of the sculpt tools, one by one, talking about how they can be used and what some of the unique properties are for each one. We'll cover the more commonly used tools like the Sculpt Tool and Grab Tool and lesser used tools like Flatten and Scrape. We'll look at the reasons for using each one and talk about how to add our own custom tools to the tool tray. We'll finish up by talking about a couple of different sculpting workflows you can take advantage of. In the end, you'll have enough knowledge of all of the Sculpt Tools in Mudbox to begin integrating them into your workflow..


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