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After building a logo for a new client or even refreshing the logo for an old one, it’s a great possibility that the next thing your client will ask for are new business cards, envelops and letterhead utilizing their new logo.

In this Illustrator tutorial, we will build these three items for a client from scratch. We’ll start off by learning how to setup our document but quickly move through designing a two-sided business card. Next we will layout a sheet of letterhead that can be fed through a desktop printer.

Lastly we will lay out a #10 envelope according to US Postal Service standards before learning how to send our files off to be printed on a commercial printing press. As we go through this process, we will learn about setting up grids, working with spot and process colors as well as setting type inside of illustrator along with many other topics.

By the end of this training, you will have a great idea of how to build these three highly requested pieces of collateral material for your clients.

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