Unity Mecanim动画入门介绍(Digital Tutors)

Unity Mecanim动画入门介绍(Digital Tutors)

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行业: 游戏制作  动画制作 课时:0 课时(已完结) 获赞:8个
软件: Unity   时长:0 学习人数:10,533
主题: 三维动画   标签: Mecanim  动画入门 总收藏人数:47

In this Unity tutorial, we are going to learn how to get up and running using the Mecanim system in Unity. We'll start out by discussing some basic guidelines for exporting characters from a 3D package of your choice. Then we'll discuss the import settings in Unity and get right to work on bringing our character to life.

We'll learn how to utilize the humanoid rig in Unity and how to split up our animations from our FBX character file. Then we'll learn how to setup state machines and blend trees that will allow us to blend multiple animations together based on our key presses while playing the game.

Then we'll discuss how to utilize layers and avatar masks to override certain animations on top of other animations. Finally we'll end the tutorial by learning how to re-target a character's animations to a whole new

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