Mudbox雕刻人类嘴巴(Digital Tutors出品)

Mudbox雕刻人类嘴巴(Digital Tutors出品)

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简介:The human mouth is one of the most flexible and expressive parts of the human body. And every one's mouth is different. So when we are building and sculpting the mouths of our characters we want to create the same type of individuality while still adhering to some common structural elements. In this Mudbox tutorial we will go over those basic mouth lines and shapes to watch for when sculpting a human mouth. We'll start by using the Grab tool to block out the overall volume. We'll begin to define areas of the lips like the Vermilion Border before rebuilding the mesh with cleaner topology. We'll also talk about detailing geometry that's extremely close together, like the lips, and techniques like Freeze that allow us to overlap those areas. We'll finish up by adding final detail to the lips and the surrounding flesh. by the end of the training, you'll have a better understanding of the structure of the mouth and you'll be much more comfortable creating and sculpting mouths for your human characters.