SketchBook Pro绘制Copic马克笔效果插图(DT出品)

SketchBook Pro绘制Copic马克笔效果插图(DT出品)

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Copic markers have been tools of the trade for artists working with traditional media for years. With SketchBook Pro, we now have the ability to utilize these same markers to color our digital artwork.

Because of the transparent nature of these markers, we will start this tutorial out by sharing some important workflow considerations that are important to know right out of the gate. From here we will begin the process of coloring a piece of Manga line work using our Copic markers.

Along the way we will learn about things like planning for highlights and shadows as well as how we can begin to layer and blend our Copic markers together. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a good understanding of how to utilize Copic markers to color your own digital artwork.