After Effects如何排除常见渲染错误

After Effects如何排除常见渲染错误

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In this series of After Effects tutorials we are going to learn how to troubleshoot errors that you encounter when rendering in After Effects.

We'll begin by learning some of the easiest ways to fix any problem that you may be encountering in After Effects by refreshing the program with a few different techniques. We then learn some of the most common issues that you may run into, and ways to fix those.

Then, we learn how the Render Settings dialog can be set up to reflect the changes that you want to see in your final render without having to go back into your composition and change them there. This tutorial is a combination of rendering help, and tips for explaining some of the complex settings in After Effects so that you can be a more effective render artist.

By the end of this After Effects training, you'll know how to fix most of the rendering errors that you will encounter with ease.