Toon Boom Harmony走路周期入门教程

Toon Boom Harmony走路周期入门教程

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By utilizing the methods and approaches in this tutorial, you'll be able to get started with your own walk cycles in Toon Boom Harmony with confidence while also having a lot of fun.

We'll begin by blocking out the contact, down, passing, and up positions of our cartoon duck. Following this we'll learn how we can copy and paste the key frames of these poses to create a loop for our character's walk cycle. From here we'll focus on animating the feet and arms independently from our poses and explore how this will allow us more control on the animation of both. To round out our walk cycle we'll learn how we can add some ease to different body parts using the bezier editor. We'll finish by showing how we can move our walk cycle along a path by using a peg.

While we'll be using Toon Boom Harmony for this demonstration, everything that we'll be covering will be applicable to both Animate and Animate Pro with the exception of the deformation tools.