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简介:This is my most advanced VRay material tutorial yet. Instead of focusing on many simple, but specific materials, I’m going to show you techniques you can use and combine to create infinite variations of old, aged, vintage, dirty, antique, industrial, etc materials.I’ll show you specific techniques to quickly create:Scratched edgesChipped edgesPatinaPolished convex areasLeaksSplashesDirtDustMossFading colors…etcNone of these rely on painting custom maps on top of the UVs – everything is done with some clever use of tileable textures, procedural maps and geometry specific masks generated right in 3Ds max. And the best thing is – the materials are easily reusable for any other 3d object! (No need to make the new maps from scratch)Oh… btwSince following this tutorial requires you to have a good understanding of the VRay material basics, I’m including my “Creating VRay Materials Vol 1″ for free :)So basically I will show you some theory behind this advanced material creation process, then I’ll show you a bunch of quick techniques and finally I’ll also create 5 distinct materials from scratch using these same techniques, just so you can see how to put it all together.Altogether it’s about 4 hours and 15 miutes of videos packed with information.The tutorial is fully narrated and obviously all the max files and textures are included.(you must have max 2010 or newer to open them)