MARI机器人Ptex贴图制作教程(Digital Tutors出品)

MARI机器人Ptex贴图制作教程(Digital Tutors出品)

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简介:When it comes to creating textures for a project, sometimes UV maps just aren’t available for an asset. Ptex provides a wonderful solution to this problem by allowing us to paint textures on each face without the use of UVs. In addition, MARI 2.0’s true layer-based painting workflow makes creating these textures an absolute joy. To get started with this project we will learn how to create our Ptex project in MARI using an existing .obj file. From here we will begin the process of creating selection groups to help us target areas for paint. Next we will gradually work though both base textures and eventually some wonderful details for our robot. Along the way, we will learn about various workflow tips and tricks for working in MARI 2.0 including setting up channels for each of our texture maps, painting with images and both projection and layer masking. We will really flex MARI’s new layer system in this training, and utilize not only procedural layers and adjustment layers but also mask groups. After going through this tutorial, not only will you have a fully textured asset but you will also have learned a good deal about the powerful features that have been packed into MARI 2.0.