Digital Tutors创意开发系列Maya创建汽油爆炸效果

Digital Tutors创意开发系列Maya创建汽油爆炸效果

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In this series of Maya tutorials we will be going through the technique of creating a gasoline explosion, as well as the bi-products of the explosion using particles with Maya 3D fluids.

We will be exploring the technicalities of fluids and their behavior and solutions to create a great explosion. We will be covering the nature of fuel and how it's used to create the impact of an explosion. We will also cover in detail the sections of fluid attributes like temperature, fuel, and density.

In addition we will look at the attributes individually and in conjunction to one another. We will address the story and concept with detailed illustrations to have an understanding of the "Skeleton of Explosions".

By the end of this training you will be equipped to create CG explosions in Maya with a sound understanding of its aesthetic and technical dynamics.



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