SketchBook制作工业设计概念(Digital Tutors出品)

SketchBook制作工业设计概念(Digital Tutors出品)

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When it comes to creating polished concepts for products, SketchBook Designer really excels. It’s unique ability to quickly and easily combine both raster and vector artwork in the same file allows artists to create some truly amazing pieces.

In this tutorial we will start with a simple sketch and walk step by step through building a refined version of the concept. We’ll start by learning how to create simple curves but quickly move into adding various fills including both linear and radial ramps as well as texture fills.

In our exploration into SketchBook Designer’s vector tools, we will also use them to build out some of the more complex details of our controller. From here will begin to use paint layers to add a since of texture and realism to our vector layers.

After going through this training, you will have a great idea of how vectors and pixels can be used together inside of SketchBook Designer to create stunning industrial design concepts.

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