Toon Boom Harmony利用3D进行工作(DT出品)

Toon Boom Harmony利用3D进行工作(DT出品)

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简介:By gaining an understanding of the 3D capabilities featured in Toon Boom Harmony, you'll be able to take your animation techniques to a whole new visual level.We'll begin with an overview of the camera, perspective, side, and top views in the Harmony interface. From here we'll learn how we can position the layers of a scene using these different views to create a multi-plane setup that will allow us to create the illusion of three dimensional depth in our scene. Following this we'll learn how to add a camera and animate it across the multiple planes of our scene. After this we'll learn how we can enable 2D drawing layers to be rotated in 3D space and see how we can construct 3D objects using drawing layers. Along the way we'll also learn how we can rotate a camera in 3D space in addition to mapping a 2D drawing layer to the rotation of a camera. Finally, we'll learn how you can activate you 3D token license and import 3D models into Toon Boom Harmony.