Toon Boom Harmony变形功能学习(Digital Tutors出品)

Toon Boom Harmony变形功能学习(Digital Tutors出品)

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Morphing can be a great asset to your workflow in that it creates in-between drawings which can save you a lot of time with your animations.

We'll begin this course with an overview of morphing and how to create a morphing sequence. For the first few lessons we'll work with simple shapes in which we'll learn concepts like the importance of using the same vector lines and swatches with your key drawings. In addition, we'll learn how we can use the morphing tool to apply various types of hints to control morphed drawings.

Following this we'll work on three different morphing projects. We'll morph key drawings of some fumes and see we can use contour hints to move them organically. We'll also explore how we can apply a morphing sequence to a character design to create a squashing motion.

Finally we'll learn how we can create the illusion of grass swaying in the wind through morphing. Along the way we'll also discuss the importance designing your key drawings for your morphing sequences.