Toon Boom Harmony特效参考库(Digital Tutors出品)

Toon Boom Harmony特效参考库(Digital Tutors出品)

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By incorporating effects in Toon Boom Harmony you can truly enhance the visual appeal of your scenes. In this reference library we'll cover a large variety of useful effects that can be applied to your characters, environments, and other visual elements that may be included in your projects.

In these lessons we'll learn the functionality of a majority of theses effects modules and how they can be connected and set up in Harmony's network view. In addition we'll dive into the layer properties of each effect's module that we'll cover and explore how we can adjust the settings within to achieve the visual look we want applied to any elements receiving those effects. Along the way we'll learn about the many uses of mattes that can be used with a variety of effects to designate specifically where an effect can be visually applied to an element that's receiving it. We'll also learn how we can view how they are being applied while we work in Harmony's camera view.

After learning about these effects and their features, you'll be able to add a new level of creativity to your own projects.

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