ZBrush 4R6新功能介绍(Digital Tutors出品)

ZBrush 4R6新功能介绍(Digital Tutors出品)

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As features are updated and new features are added to ZBrush, it's important to know what has changed and how it can make your life easier.

In this tutorial we'll go over many of the recent updates in 4R6. We'll talk about new curve framing options for quickly creating detail along mesh features. We'll cover some DynaMesh changes and learn to use new brushes like the new Trim brushes to delete and cap areas and the Curve Bridge brush to create new geometry between two curves. We'll also talk about updates related to polygroups, masking, and the solo function.

To finish up, we'll go over the use of the ZRemesher to quickly and automatically recreate a mesh's topology for a variety of purposes.