DT创意开发系列3ds Max创建和绑定低面数机器人

DT创意开发系列3ds Max创建和绑定低面数机器人

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简介:In this tutorial we will make a low-poly robot, texture it, and then rig it. Throughout these lessons you will see a proven process of turning a high poly-robot piece that we have into a low poly piece. We'll take a look at working with floater geometry and fixing our high poly, then we'll move on to low poly retopology of the robot. From there our next goal will be to make the UV's of the robot. Then, we will get to the texturing stage, where we'll go in different programs to create the texture look that we want for our robot. Also, you will see how to make different variations of robots using the parts from the this robot, and finally you will have an overall look how to rig your creation using the CAT rig system inside of 3ds Max.