Lightroom 5基础第六课 创建幻灯片和Web图库(Lynda出品)

Lightroom 5基础第六课 创建幻灯片和Web图库(Lynda出品)

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Show off your hard work; display your photographs with the easy-to-build slideshows and web galleries in Lightroom. They're a straightforward way to display images on the web, on the desktop, or projected onto a screen. In this breezy segment of Lightroom 5 Essentials, Chris Orwig explains how to select your best images and group them into collections, apply a design template, and customize the look and feel of your web gallery or slideshow. Then learn about watermarking photos for copyright protection, uploading HTML and Flash galleries to a website, and adding a soundtrack and titles to a slideshow. Plus, discover how to create video-based slideshows, new to Lightroom 5.