InDesign CC初学入门(Digital Tutors出品)

InDesign CC初学入门(Digital Tutors出品)

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If you are opening InDesign for the very first time, the application can be quite intimidating. Where do you start? What do you learn first? This InDesign tutorial was specifically designed to answer just those questions for you.

We will be focused here on getting you up and running in the application quickly, teaching you about tools and workflows that you will need to understand from day one. To begin this course, we will start out slow, introducing you to some important terminology. From here we will spend some time focusing on InDesign objects and frames and how to add and manage their attributes and contents.

Moving on, we will learn about a variety of topics to help make you successful including color, effects, rulers and guides, layers and object organization as well as some of the really powerful styles that InDesign uses. By the end of this training, you will have accumulated a solid foundation of knowledge and be ready to move deeper into the powerful application.