Realflow 2012流体精通教程

Realflow 2012流体精通教程

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简介:During this 8 week workshop you will:    - Learn all of the major features of Realflow 2012    - Create large scale water simulations using Reaflow’s Hybrido Solver to make massive detailed simulations.    - Learn to generate procedural splashes, and foam and other additional layers for your simulations.    - Rigid Body Dynamics, Fracturing, Retiming simulations   - Elastic Simulations and Soft Bodies, Real Wave and other cool Realflow features   - Exporting your simulations and rendering them in Maya & 3D Studio Max   - Take actual production shots from start to finish   - Massive floods, Objects shattering, Boats realistically moving through wakes and other cool effects!   Allan McKay will personally tutor all students as they work together on creating various effects shots over 2 months online. Helping mentor students and improve their work, offer advice when they get stuck, answering questions and helping them better themselves and improve their knowledge and techniques, as well helping artists goals of making themselves better candidates for finding employment at big FX studios, or helping already established FX Artists excel by stepping into higher roles within the workplace, such as lead and supervisor roles.



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