PS修饰全身照片教程(Digital Tutors)

PS修饰全身照片教程(Digital Tutors)

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简介:If you have ever looked at a model on the cover of a magazine odds are that model has been retouched and manipulated to some degree in Photoshop. We'll begin this process by focusing on our subject's neck and chin where we'll use Liquify in Photoshop to reshape both features. Following this we'll spend some time pealing away some weight from her face by using the clone stamp to reduce some of the shadows. From there we'll move on to the body where we'll jump back into Liquify to trim the waistline and thin down the figure. Follow this we'll tackle repositioning the right arm and slimming it down some. As we continue to sculpt our model's body we'll also resize and reshape her chest area to fit the manipulations that we have made to her figure. Finally, we focus on removing some unwanted folds in her dress and applying final touchups to overall form.After watching this tutorial you'll be able to use Photoshop to retouch and manipulate models for your own projects with added confidence while having a lot of fun.