rnd101 FXPHD Introduction (Renderman渲染教程)

rnd101 FXPHD Introduction (Renderman渲染教程)

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Class 01:

Introduction: Renderman@ is a specification, prman is the software : a brief history of this 20 years old software - quick tour of the prman software package and the various utilities - "hello sphere" : write a simple RIB to render a sphere - overview of the structure of a RIB - context stacks.
Class 02:
RIB structure : creating a scene - basic transformations (and matrix concatenation) - positioning the camera - basic geometric primitives - parenting - options & attributes.
Class 03:
REYES: in-depth look at the REYES algorithm, does it really Render Everything You Ever Saw ? - core concepts : splitting, dicing, micropolygons and shaders - render options : taking control of your memory, speed and image quality
Class 04:
Custom Shaders: introduction to the shading language grammar, syntax & data types, compilation - implementation of a simple plastic shader - implementation of a simple light shader - attaching the shaders to the geometry.
Class 05:
ImageFeatures: motion blur, motion samples, multi-segment blur, limitations - depth of field - uniform / varying - flow control - fBm
Class 06:
Passing Data: coordinate systems, space transformations
Class 07:
Shading, texture maps: txmake and texture( ) - geometric primitives - texture coordinates
Class 08:
Shading, Illumination: Illuminance, Illuminate : diffuse & specular reflections
Class 09:
Bump & Displacement: bump mapping - displacement mapping - displacement bounds - practical application of sub-pixel displacement
Class 10:
Shadows: shadow maps - bias - blur - samples - workflow in Maya / Slim

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