3ds Max和ZBrush制作游戏武器

3ds Max和ZBrush制作游戏武器

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软件: 3ds Max  Zbrush 时长:0 学习人数:8,211
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In this course we will use a 3ds Max to ZBrush workflow to build and texture a detailed battle axe. In this course we'll go through the process of building a detailed 3d battle axe, complete with normal maps and textures, using both 3ds Max and ZBrush. Throughout the training, we'll illustrate some of the ways you can use these packages together. We'll start by creating the base axe geometry from scratch in 3ds Max. We'll then completely sculpt and paint the axe in ZBrush using a variety of techniques. To finish up, we'll generate maps for the color and sculpted detail and reapply those in 3ds Max. In the end, you'll have a better understanding of the workflow of building and sculpting high resolution props and set pieces with 3ds Max and ZBrush and creating usable assets from them.


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